O-I’s new Lean+Green Riesling bottle

Glass container maker O-I is launching a new 750mL Lean+Green Riesling bottle, which is 21% lighter than its predecessor but retains its premium look and feel.

Manufactured at O-I’s Adelaide plant, the bottle’s weight has been reduced from 518g to 410g and will be commercially available in June 2011. Produced using narrow neck press and blow (NNPB) technology, the new Riesling bottle reduces energy and water consumption while maintaining the proportions and premium design cues brand owners require.

The NNPB production process for the new bottle delivers significant environmental benefits including:

  • A 19% reduction in CO2 per container and;
  • A 19% reduction in water per container.

O-I Australia’s Wine Marketing Manager, Maria Armstrong, said the new Lean+Green® Riesling bottle had been designed to offer a standout lightweight alternative for Australian Riesling products.

“The key was to retain the iconic Riesling bottle’s shape, in particular its height, while providing our customers with a number of environmental benefits,” said Ms Armstrong.

“This is the sixth option in our award-winning Lean+Green® range which further cements its position as one of the Australian wine industry’s most popular and respected sustainable packaging choices.”

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