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Oak Flavour Generator Finalists Launched

OAK has released three new flavours of milk after over 60,000 Australians submitted their own flavour mixes through the OAK Flavour Generator.

OAK has collaborated with creators Josh, Chloe and Paul to bring their dream flavour to life. One of these concoctions will become a permanent item available for purchase via the OAK family. 

Josh’s Banoffee Choc Top, Chloe’s Welcome to the Crumble and Paul’s S’more Please are now available to taste and for consumers to cast their vote for the final winning flavour. The winner will claim a $10,000 prize and their flavour will continue to be sold nationally throughout Australia. 

Each of the three flavours feature the creators’ faces proudly on the cartons and are featured in advertisements across the country. The three finalists’ flavours are available in supermarkets and convenience stores now, with voting due to close on 30th June. 

To submit your OAK Flavour Generator vote: 

  1. Scan the QR code on any of the three finalists’ flavoured milk carton or simply
  2. Select your favourite mix by clicking the vote button beneath each flavour
  3. Fill in your details and submit.
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