Oils ain’t oils

The World Congress on Oils and Fats will be held in Sydney from 27-29 September offering an opportunity for the world’s oils and fats related scientific community to come together.

“Developments in oils and fats research and technology are critical to many industries including food and food service, health and nutrition, agriculture, biotechnology and the olive and canola oil industries to name a few,” Congress Chair Dr Rod Mailer said.

In addition to the Congress program, a number of short courses will be offered, including a Deep Frying Symposium and courses on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants as well as Olive Oil.

“These short courses provide practical and hands-on training in key areas for the international oils and fats community and are a valuable inclusion in the congress program.

Food manufacturers, chefs and consumers will find the short course on deep frying particularly important as the world of fast food particularly can better understand the types of oils to use for frying, how long they can be used for and the health and nutritional benefits for the consumer,” said Dr Mailer.

Dr Mailer said registrations for the Congress and the short courses were now being accepted and that a discounted earlybird registration was now available which represented substantial savings.

“Delegates should register as soon as possible to take advantage of the earlybird offer which applies until 29 June and saves nearly 20% on the regular registration fee.

“The Congress runs from 27- 30 September, and with a range of optional social and cultural activities available for delegates and their guests, there has never been a better time to visit Sydney,” Dr Mailer said.

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