Omni Innovation secures China medical food deal to help diabetics

Omni Innovation has signed an agreement with Eagle Health Holdings to exclusively manufacture and distribute its pre‐meal shake product for Type 2 diabetes and Pre‐Type 2 diabetes throughout mainland China.

“We are pleased that from a range of potential partners we were able to enter into this deal with Eagle Health,” said Ian Brown, Chairman of Omni Innovation.

“For Omni, having a licensing deal with a partner that we view as providing significant strategic value to us – not only for the pre‐meal drink but potentially for several of our upcoming R&D projects – was a key driver of selecting Eagle Health.

“We believe that Eagle Health are a great fit for Omni in the short and the long term, and we look forward to working with them to provide a basis for extensive sales and revenue growth for the mainland Chinese market.”

Brown pointed out that it is estimated that in 2018 there will be over 120 million men and women in China suffering from Type 2 diabetes ‐ growing to over 160 million by 2030.

“An aging and growing population, and increasing obesity are the main drivers of this alarming trend that is particularly prevalent in urban Chinese locations,” he said.

Omni Innovation creates unique and specialised medical food products that can be used be used by people with chronic and lifestyle diseases.

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