Online digital library for Australian sugar researchers

The Australian sugar milling industry will now have online access to a historic library of research.

The digital library was launched by Scan Conversion Services (SCS) for the Sugar Research & Innovation group at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) on behalf of the Sugar Research Institute. It will allow sugar milling companies and academic researchers increase their understanding of sugar processing technologies over the years and to help them make informed decisions about the industry.

Geoff Kent, project leader and a principal research fellow at QUT, said that his group’s specialist capabilities target sugarcane milling, power generation, sugar refining and sugar chemistry.

“The research benefits mainly raw sugar factories in Australia,” he said.

The project will scan more than 110,000 pages and images, as well as capture over 300,000 characters of database information, which will be added to the data of the SRI library.

According to SRI, individual sugar mills no longer need to maintain their own copies of the reports, which go back to the SRI’s beginnings in the 1950s.

“When the reports were originally produced every mill got a copy,” Kent said. “But not every mill would maintain the same document set. Now everyone has access, according to each mill’s access privileges, to the same, validated data. This will help speed up investigations and improve the understanding of the sugar manufacturing process over the years.”

He also said that sugar researchers will now be able to search through the digital library by title, author, date, report number, report title, report type, project number and unstructured text.

“It now takes a few minutes rather than a few days to lay your hands on the information you need,” Kent said.







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