Opening up a new world of opportunities

Cospak, a major importer of glass packaging into Australia and New Zealand, is now able to utilise the capability of some of its key Asian suppliers to produce relatively small quantities of high quality glass bottles and jars.

Until now these smaller quantities were only possible by employing production within Europe which usually resulted in greater cost, or by using less than reputable manufacturers in the Asian region, where quality control has been an issue in the past.

Cospak has conducted strict independent audits of its Asian suppliers and is now able to produce 100,000 pieces (a very small quantity in terms of glass manufacturing) of almost any glass product imaginable. This is a huge advantage for Australian manufacturers looking for a point of difference in the marketplace.

From a rough concept picture, Cospak can deliver functional technical CAD drawings, which can then be used to produce plastic or glass prototype samples that give a 3D impression of what a future product will look like in the retail environment.

Cospak general manager, Travis Norman, has said that “anything is possible” under the new arrangement with the Asian suppliers. “We just need to be given some broad parameters of an idea or concept, and we can take over from there, to convert this into an original packaging option,” Norman said.

Cospak currently supplies Asian sourced glass bottles to many of the major players in the food, beverage and wine industries. “By supplying these major companies we maintain our focus on quality to surpass our clients’ high expectations,” Norman explained.

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