OptiFlox System at major dairy processing facility

SciDev has broadened the industry footprint of its unique OptiFlox System, following its deployment at a Lion Dairy & Drinks production facility. The system is now deployed in both the dairy and coal industries.

The OptiFlox System has been developed to assist in the automation and optimisation of industrial wastewater treatment.

The system is a technology that continuously measures the fine particle quantity and surface charge resulting from ongoing fluctuations in flow rates and contained solids experienced within industrial wastewater operations.

The measurement of these vital characteristics enables the automation and control of wastewater chemical dosing to achieve optimal flocculation conditions and water clarification performance.

The deployment at the Lion Dairy & Drinks facility follows the receipt of a purchase order, for an initial 12-month period, as announced on 29 March 2017. Lion Dairy & Drinks is a longstanding customer of SciDev. The commercial arrangements provide for the receipt of monthly payments for the provision of the system together with concurrent chemical sales.

The deployment highlights SciDev’s ability to leverage its existing and longstanding customer base for wastewater treatment chemicals, to extend its sales pipeline for systems and subsequently convert those sales inquiries into revenue-generating contracts.

The system is in the dissolved air flotation unit in the wastewater treatment plant of the dairy processing facility to continuously monitor water quality and maintain optimal flocculation conditions through automated, cloud-based, real-time chemical dosing.

The installation will complement existing and ongoing chemical sales at the facility, delivering productivity and cost benefits to the customer.

It is anticipated that a further OptiFlox System will be deployed during the September Quarter of 2017 at a dairy manufacturing facility in Victoria. This potential customer for an OptiFlox  System is one of the nation’s largest dairy producers and an existing customer for SciDev chemicals.

In addition, SciDev is also undertaking discussions with a range of industry participants including companies in the natural resources, energy, sewage and food processing sectors regarding potential trials of the system and looks forward to updating the market on this in the near term.

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