Optimum Handling Solutions’ scissor lifts eases access for food deliveries

OPTIMUM Handling Solutions has supplied a double scissor lift for a building project in the Sydney CBD.

This has eliminated the problem of bulk food deliveries to a retail outlet situated on the second level of a commercial building.

Previously, all goods had to be individually carried upstairs to the storeroom, with heavy cartons, bags and drums all adding to risk of injuries, according to Optimum Handling Solutions.

The Optimum Handling Solutions scissor lift is located in a shallow pit, allowing for goods to be wheeled onto it with a pallet truck or a hand trolley. Simple operation controls elevate the scissor lift to the second floor where it can again be unloaded safely with trolleys.

Safety gates at top and bottom are interlocked to the table controls to prevent unsafe entry to the scissor lift travel path. The scissor lift control buttons are fitted with a key lock to prevent unauthorised use.

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