Organic certification “nitpicking”, says farming company

Nutri-Tech Solutions, a biological farming company, says Australia's organic certification process is unreasonable and needs to be amended.

The company has lost certification on a number of its fertiliser products after traces of benzene and nitrate nitrogen were detected, the ABC reports.

According to chief exectutive, Graeme Sait, these substances were used during the manufacturing process only, and aren't present in the final product.

"This is really nitpicking stuff. We'll be lobbying to get some of these things changed.

"It [certification] should be about what's in the end product, it shouldn't matter what was used in the earlier stages, as long as they don't remain in the end product," he said.

The certifier, Australian Organic, says looking at the production process, from beginning to end, is a worldwide policy and NTS can submit its concerns to the national committee for organic standards, which are currently being reviewed.


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