Organic cheese sales up by 100%

The Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia co-operative has established a significant platform for ‘certified’ organic dairy products under their own “True Organic” brand.

In last year’s financial year (2008/2009) the co-op saw more than 100 per cent increase in sales for its True Organic cheese products and expects this to double again this year.

Demand for its fresh organic milk packed by Parmalat under their brand “Pure Organic” has also substantially increased.

Based in Warragul, the Co-operative’s members are predominantly Victorian based, with most of their value-added products manufactured in Victoria.

Its ‘”True Organic” dairy products are readily available in Woolworths and Coles and a significant number of independent grocery stores throughout Australia.

It has nine products on the market including organic butter, cheese (Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Brie, Mozzarella, Pecorino) and long-life milk. And the list will increase in time to give consumers more choice.

Through a deliberate strategy of producing a high volume of premium organic dairy products at a reasonable price, the Organic Dairy Co-operative is providing consumers a fair choice to “go organic”.

This strategy has resulted in its entry into the mainstream market.

Two products were introduced this year including organic butter and long-life milk. Soon to be available will be organic ice-cream and yoghurt.

And consumers will continue to see True Organic products appear on the shelf — their aim is to give consumers a choice by providing well priced, premium certified organic dairy products on the supermarket shelves.

The Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia’s journey began in 2002 when a dedicated group of organic dairy farmers came together to establish the Organic Dairy Farmers Co-operative.

After several years of laying the foundation for an integrated organic milk supply chain, the Co-operative now supplies 80% of Australia’s certified organic milk.

This well developed supply chain allows farmers, processors and retailers the logistics and security to participate in the fastest growing segment of agriculture.

With more than 20 organic farmer members, the co-operative hopes to see as many conventional farmers embrace “certified” organic farming as it is important to not only produce what we need now but to protect the environment into the future.

Organic dairy farming contributes to this important legacy.

The co-operative has a simple philosophy — one that sees it maintain a truly cooperative ethos in balance with nature, all its suppliers, processors and consumers.

The co-op’s organic farms do not use genetically modified plants or animals, prohibit the use of pesticides and optimise cow health by using a holistic approach to their grazing, breeding, rearing and nutrition without the routine use of antibiotics or hormones.

The co-op respects nature’s ability to provide what it needs to produce truly natural tasting, healthy products and Australians deserve nothing less.

It’s a simple equation — healthy soil + healthy pastures + healthy cows = truly healthy and natural flavour.

Certification is mandatory and important part of the True Organic offering.

It’s accredited by Australian and International Organic Certifier National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).

This gives consumers a clear understanding of what they are paying for — the certification gives a third party endorsement to the consumer that the product is truly organic.

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