‘Organic’ sausages contain banned sulphur additive: Choice

Choice's investigation into six regular beef sausages has discovered some certified organic sausages contain sulphur dioxide, which is not permitted in organic meat production.

The investigation looked at sausages available at three supermarkets and three independent butchers.

According to SMH, it found that certified organic sausages priced at $21.99 a kilo had the second highest level of sulphur dioxide (behind Coles), which is used as a preservative but isn't a permitted additive in organic meat products.

Sausages branded as 'gourmet' at independent butchers and retailing for $11.95 a kilo had the least amount of meat, containing 56.9 percent 'lean meat.'

According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand guidelines, sausages need to have at least 50 percent fat-free meat flesh.

However, sausages that simply list 'meat' in their ingredients can contain meat from buffalo, camel, cattle, deer, goat, hare, pig, poultry, rabbit or sheep.

All sausages considered in Choice's research contained beef, as advertised.

Choice's Tom Godfrey said a sausage's fat, sodium and sulphur dioxide levels vary depending on where you purchase your sausages, with Coles supermarkets having the saltiest sausages in Australia.



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