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Over 50 Years of excellence in delivering precision solutions

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has built a strong reputation for providing precision instrumentation, calibration equipment/software, and controls across diverse industries including food and beverage, Adam McCleery writes.

For over five decades, AMS has been providing instrumentation, calibration equipment/software, and controls to a broad spectrum of industries, governmental bodies, and public utilities throughout Australia.

The company’s extensive history of success over the years serves as evidence of its dedication to both sales and service, including in food and beverage manufacturing. 

Founded in 1973, the company is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, with additional offices in New South Wales, Western Australia, and Queensland. Their product lines extend to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the broader Pacific Region.

AMS’ extensive range of products helps the company provide the right solution to enhance any area of the manufacturing process. Image: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration

Boasting more than 350 years of combined technical knowledge, and having represented suppliers for over 30 years, AMS Instrumentation & Calibration has continued to build cost effecting and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of customers.

Since its inception, AMS has been delivering industrial instrumentation (covering flow, pressure, level, temperature, analytical, and ancillary equipment) along with calibration tools to diverse industries, government sectors, and public utilities. 

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration CEO, Dirk Kuiper, said the company continues to find success off the back of the expert team under his employ, which in turn helps the company address the unique needs of each customer. 

“Our approach involves a thorough assessment of your processes to identify the optimal instrumentation and calibration strategies that align with your goals,” he said.

“Whether you’re in the beverage, dairy, or confectionery sector, our bespoke solutions ensure that your production meets the highest standards of efficiency and compliance.”

The company takes pride in fostering these enduring relationships and are committed to nurturing existing ones while forging new ones as opportunities arise.

“AMS’ proven track record over the many years is testimony to our commitment to sales and service,”
said Kuiper. 

“Our salespeople make sure they gain the best knowledge they can about the customer so that they can apply the right solution for the job required.”

In the dynamic realm of the food and beverage industry, where safety, quality, and efficiency hold utmost importance, the significance of advanced instrumentation and precise calibration cannot be emphasised enough.

AMS’ solutions span across several areas of food production. Image: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration

These technological tools are the lifeline of production processes, ensuring that every product meets the rigorous standards set for food safety and quality. 

“We supply specialised flow meters in various areas, such as for gas and liquids. We also supply a range of pressure and calibration equipment. We ensure we have an extensive range of our solutions,” said Kuiper. 

As a company that is deeply immersed in this field, AMS understands that the success of a food and beverage company hinges on its ability to maintain consistency, preserve food quality, and ensure the safety of its products. 

This is where the company’s expertise in instrumentation and calibration becomes crucial, acting as the cornerstone for achieving these objectives. 

The precision offered by cutting-edge instruments enables companies to monitor and manage their production processes with greater efficacy, ensuring that every product exiting the facility meets the highest quality standards.

Navigating the intricacies of the food and beverage industry goes beyond surface-level knowledge; it requires a partner like AMS, one that is well-versed in the industry’s nuanced challenges and stringent regulations.

“This understanding underpins our dedication to delivering unmatched service and innovative solutions to businesses across the board,” added Kuiper.

“Whether it’s refining the brewing process for craft beer, ensuring precise pH levels in soft drinks, or optimising temperature and humidity for fermentation and storage, our expertise is committed to elevating operational efficiency and product quality for food and beverage companies.” 

Choosing to collaborate with a seasoned expert isn’t just a decision for today; it’s an investment in the enduring success and sustainability of your business.

In the realm of food and beverage production, strict compliance with regulations is paramount to safeguarding food quality and mitigating risks to consumer health
and safety.

Instrumentation and calibration serve as indispensable assets in this endeavour, providing the means to meticulously oversee and regulate the entire production cycle, spanning from product preparation to packaging and labelling. 

By enabling thorough monitoring and management, these tools detect and rectify even minor issues swiftly, thereby averting potential threats to food safety and minimising unforeseen production disruptions.

Instrumentation serves a multitude of functions, promoting safety and uniformity in various applications. 

This includes overseeing cooking processes to ensure the safety of meats, pastries, and other prepared foods, maintaining consistency in automated cutting for items like meat, cheese, or bread, and measuring moisture levels in baked goods. 

In beverage production, it’s crucial for maintaining precise concentrations of flavourings and additives, as well as monitoring fermentation and filtration processes. 

Essential instruments such as flow meters, level probes, temperature sensors, and pressure gauges play pivotal roles in upholding stringent standards of quality control and safety within the food and beverage sector.

Essential instrumentation is pivotal in optimising food and beverage processes, guaranteeing that products adhere to the industry’s rigorous standards of quality, safety, and consistency. Below is a summary of the vital instruments employed in food and beverage production: 

Flow meters: At the forefront of this technological arsenal are flow meters, essential for regulating ingredient flow rates. By precisely managing liquid and flowable ingredient additions, flow meters empower producers to achieve uniformity across products, a cornerstone of both consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

Level instrumentation: This technology ensures that fluid levels stay within designated parameters, averting overflows or shortages that could disrupt manufacturing or result in product wastage. 

Temperature instrumentation: Effective temperature control is paramount in inhibiting the proliferation of harmful pathogens, guaranteeing product safety. 

Pressure instrumentation: This is especially critical in processes involving carbonated beverages or steam usage, where precise pressure levels are vital for product safety and quality. Pressure gauges and transmitters aid in upholding these levels, mitigating the risks of over-pressurisation or vacuum conditions that could jeopardise packaging integrity or product safety. 

Together, these instruments constitute the cornerstone of contemporary food and beverage production, epitomising the precision and control necessary to meet today’s elevated standards of product quality and safety.

“Within the complex terrain of the food and beverage sector, where precision and dependability are paramount to triumph, AMS-IC stands out as your preferred ally for all your instrumentation and calibration requirements,” said Kuiper. 

“Our profound proficiency and unwavering commitment to perfection distinguish us, guaranteeing that your endeavours consistently meet and uphold the stringent benchmarks essential for both quality and safety.”

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration solutions span across several areas of food production, including cooking and baking, fermentation, beverage production, dairy processing, quality control, and waste management.  

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