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Overcoming operational challenges with ease

For Tetra Pak, true partnership includes tailored service solutions. With that in mind, the company continues to build a strong portfolio of services solutions.

Food and beverage manufacturing brings with it a long list of operational challenges that need to be overcome by finding and utilising services that best suit your needs, which is a concept Tetra Pak understands well. 

As a one of the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions providers, Tetra Pak’s Services Solutions provide a valuable pillar to the company. 

“The real focus for us here at Tetra Pak is to work beyond the surface level,” said Nick Liapis, services director, Tetra Pak.

“Our focus is around providing a range of solutions to our customers aimed at optimising the performance and efficiency of their packaging and or processing operations. 

“And with that in mind, we have the people along with our advanced Services Portfolio collaborating with our customers working towards achieving their performance ambitions.”

Liapis said providing the best tailored solutions for Tetra Pak customers starts with partnering with our customer and to gain an in-depth end to end understanding of their operations. 

By learning customer systems through and through Liapis said Tetra Pak can then provide deeper
solution options. 

“We offer a diverse array of services, particularly focusing on equipment and upgrades. We explore options such as retrofitting existing machinery and enhancing the installed base to modernise operations,” he said.

“We also understand the importance of continuous development not only for our team but for our customers and have an advance Training portfolio to support knowledge sharing and development for our customers across the multiple functions of their operations. 

“Overall, we really aim to be the trusted partner for our customers. Providing comprehensive service support and the reliability that they need for their operations. 

“And ultimately, the end goal is to ensure that our customers are providing high quality products to
their consumers.”

Tetra Pak has three business areas. There’s the Packaging side of the business the Processing side, and then there’s the Services organisation. 

“Service means much more than just maintenance,” said Liapis. 

“That’s why we provide peace of mind with support grounded in best global practices and expertise anytime, anywhere. We cover every aspect of your food production, from improving performance and optimising costs to ensuring food safety and quality. 

Tetra Pak Services adapts and evolves with your business, embracing and integrating new technologies to uniquely position your business for growth now and in the future.

Building a close relationship with the customer also helps drive better performance. 

“We have a suite of Service Solutions to leverage on to bring the best value to the customer,” said Liapis.

“For example, through our Maintenance Services, we focus on improving your plant’s performance and reliability, optimising costs and ensuring food safety. 

“It’s not just about routine maintenance, with Tetra Pak Maintenance Services we offer the full spectrum of maintenance solutions to meet our customer’s needs. 

“With our skilled and qualified service engineers and reliability-centred Tetra Pak Maintenance System, we make sure our customers get an optimum return on their maintenance investment weather it is preventative, corrective, production support or condition monitoring.”

He added that the spare parts component of Tetra Pak’s services solutions complemented the approach to maintenance. 

“This is where we use maintenance and spare parts in conjunction with how we get more uptime out of the current instal base,” said Liapis. 

“We aim for our customers to avoid prematurely replacing spare parts in the equipment; instead, we strive to continuously optimise. 

“This is achieved through our local skilled engineers collaborating with our global expertise to customise service events based on service history and parts condition whilst maintaining the reliability of the equipment.”

This attention to detail continually proves beneficial to both Tetra Pak and its customers due to the litany of advantages that comes with it. 

Upgrades to equipment are also an area of expertise for the services portfolio team at Tetra Pak. 

“There are a variety of ways Tetra Pak can support customers in improving their plant efficiency. One of our solutions is Plant Upgrades. Tetra Pak Upgrades improves the performance of your existing equipment,” said Liapis.

“Upgrades might include retrofitted kits, predefined products or customised engineered solutions. But no matter which best suits your needs, you can be sure they’ll do exactly what they’re meant to do, whether its increase capacity and performance, improve energy and water savings or ensure food safety.

“Partnering with Tetra Pak means tapping into our extensive expertise in food production with tailored service agreements designed to address your unique needs and ensure smooth operations with profitable results.” 

Liapis said Tetra Pak’s commitment to continued progress was also key to its success.

“What really makes us a reliable partner is our commitment to continued development and innovation, to be agile and tailor our solutions based on the individual customer’s requirements,”
he said.

“Tetra Pak Services Solutions offers three customised service agreements that can transform your operational challenges into strategic advantages and deliver tangible, stable, and predictable factory operations, along with measurable results.

The Tetra Pak team also keeps food safety at the forefront of its mind when innovating for, and working with, the industry.

“Our commitment to food safety and quality is at the heart of everything we do and every decision that we make is off the back of that,” said Liapis.

“Whatever journey you’re on, Tetra Pak has the people, portfolio and presence to enable your business success. 

“Together, we can increase your efficiency, reduce waste and lower operational cost.”  

To learn more visit www.tetrapak.com.au.

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