Pacific Seeds, CSIRO partnership to enhance Australian canola hybrids

Pacific Seeds

In a joint venture between agricultural seed provider Pacific Seeds and CSIRO, a three-year $250,000 research project will aim to better tailor canola hybrids and crop management to regional Australia’s variable growing conditions. 

The Winter Canola Research project will improve access to integrated and region-specific information on Agronomy, Phenology and Extension for Grain-n-Graze canola hybrids. 

“Pacific Seeds has always been about providing the best options for growers,” Pacific Seeds National Canola Technical Manager Justin Kudnig said. “We know the more you can tailor your variety choice and agronomy approach to your local conditions, the more your crops and farming business can prosper.” 

Following on from work last season with CSIRO, a new Australian canola yield record of 7.16t/ha was set. This came down to a combination of Pacific Seeds’ Hyola 970CL product combined with science-based agronomic management. 

Managing the new project are scientists CSIRO Group Leader for Mixed Farming Innovations Dr Julianne Lilley, CSIRO Farming Systems Scientist Dr Jeremy Whish, CSIRO Grazing Animal Scientist Dr Rebecca Stutz, and Pacific Seeds National Canola Technical Manager Justin Kudnig. 

Initially the project will collate, review and organise existing information and identify any knowledge gaps across the industry. 

“In its first year, the project will conduct highly detailed phenology trials with three times of sowing events at four locations across Australia involving industry, growers, agronomists and advisors,” Lilley said. 

“This research will help us to jointly develop a world-first interactive decision-making tool for canola variety selection, dedicated time of sowing advice along with grazing advice, applied crop nutrition agronomy and animal health recommendations.” 

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