Packaged apples “horrific”, says health expert

A pharmacist and local radio commentator has expressed his disgust at marketing tactics recently employed by fruit company Goulburn Valley.

Gerald Quigley was referring to the new Goulburn Valley Fresh range of sliced and packaged apples. The bagged apples contain additives calcium ascorbate and calcium chloride to stop the fruit from browning and ensure it keeps its crunch.

According to thewest.com.au, Quigley said these chemicals are of "dubious health benefit" and he's angered that these marketing tactics are deemed as necessary in improving childrens' consumption of fruit.

"I am horrified that we have to use these sorts of marketing tactics to try and teach kids the value of eating an apple," he said.

However, SPC Ardmona (owners of Goulburn Valley) marketing and innovation director, Nicki Anderson, said Goulburn Valley Fresh aims to help time-poor parents by replacing lollies and chips as a healthier snack food alternative.

"We want Goulburn Valley Fresh to be the healthy alternative to a bar of chocolate during your afternoon break or putting a bag of chips into your child’s lunch box.  It’s all about convenience and ensuring a healthy option is now available for Australians to choose," she said.


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