Packaging Automation seals the deal

When London based Taiko Foods needed a new tray sealing machine to accommodate increased production of its Dim Sum range, the food company had no hesitation in choosing Packaging Automation (UK) Ltd equipment for a second time.

Taiko Foods has purchased a PA182 tray sealer to cope with increased orders for its ready meals from UK high street retailer Waitrose, and is pleased with the result — which the company says cuts production time by 50%. Taiko first contacted Packaging Automation around five years ago when it wanted a new machine to cater for growing demand for its products and, after extensive trials, the PA217 was chosen as the best machine for the job.

However, with the sale of its Dim Sum and Sushi dishes taking off, Taiko’s sales and marketing manager Derek Lewis explained that it turned to Packaging Automation again to provide the additional equipment needed to help the company seal the extra thousands of packs a day it now produces.

He said that “the PA182 is a fantastic machine and is working superbly. When we needed new tray sealing equipment we did not consider any other suppliers but went straight to Packaging Automation because we believe they are the best in the business.”

Lewis also explained that the consistency of seal provided by the PA182 was ideal for Dim Sum. “The PA182 is a very good sealing machine, which has helped us halve production time. It seals the product very well. In fact, everything about Packaging Automation is very good, from the quality of the machines to the standard of service we have received. If we needed another machine we would go straight to PA. We always recommend them when we are in discussions with other companies.”

The PA182 tray sealer is one of Packaging Automation’s most popular machines and is in use worldwide. It accommodates trays up to 120mm deep as standard, and can seal and trim film from a reel on to trays of CPET, polypropylene, PVC, board and foil. Its hygienic design eliminates bug traps and the compact design with small footprint means it can be used in smaller production areas. It is easily portable and can quickly be moved from one production line to another if required.

Packaging Automation UK Ltd was established in 1963 and is the UK’s leading manufacturer of tray sealing machinery for the food industry. In 2004, the company signed an exclusive distribution agreement with MPI for the distribution of the full Packaging Automation range of equipment in Australia. MPI, based in Sydney, is one of Australia’s foremost suppliers of packaging systems, with over 40 years experience in the industry.

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Naresh Aggarwal

MPI Sales Director

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