Packaging innovations for changing times

Wine producer, Cheviot Bridge, is confident that the growth of the Long Flat B-Pak range will continue despite the global economic downturn, due to its great value for money offer.

Now available in four varieties, including Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Merlot, the Long Flat B-Paks contain the same quality wine available in the popular Long Flat bottles, providing value for money with the unique, octagonal, one-litre pack selling for the same price as a 750ml bottle.

For consumers that represents 33% more at no extra cost. The company’s bid to drive growth in both the domestic and export markets saw it break out of the confines of traditional wine packaging with the introduction of Australia’s first Tetra Pak wine packaging in 2006. Since that time the Long Flat B-Pak has driven incremental sales of the Long Flat brand, with growth of 30% per annum.

The launch of the Long Flat B-Paks also created a new category in the Australian wine industry – bottle quality wine in a convenient packaging format.

With no glass, the lightweight Long Flat B-Pak is easy to carry and store, pours well and is shatter and tamper proof, eliminating the risk of breakage – a benefit for both consumers and retailers. Weighing less than bottled wine, the B-Pak is also easier to handle and stack.

The environmental credentials of the Long Flat B-Pak are also impressive, reducing packaging waste by 90%; greenhouse gas emissions by 75%; and energy requirements by 50%.

Long Flat has been a strong industry performer for more than 40 years, making it one of the most enduring wine brands in the Australian market. The success of the brand has been built on consistently delivering good quality, value for money wine.

“When we announced that we would be offering one of the company’s strongest performing wine brands in the new B-Pak format, there was some scepticism,” said Cheviot Bridge managing director, Maurice Dean.

“However, with the changing landscape of the global wine market, we recognised that innovation was the only solution to remain relevant to consumers.

“With Long Flat’s quality wine portfolio and Tetra Pak’s packaging experience, we knew that we could create exciting new possibilities for wine consumption in Australia,” said Dean.

“Our decision was ultimately based on the package’s ability to protect the quality and flavour of the wine.

“By utilising this type of pack, we’ve been able to reduce packaging costs and increase savings, to provide a quality product at a lower price,” said Dean.

“Tetra Pak’s technology afforded us the opportunity to distinguish ourselves in a cluttered market and fulfil our commitment to bring great value for money to consumers.

“Feedback from the consumers supports our decision to create this category. We are responding to the changing lifestyle of Australian consumers by offering an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional bottled wine, from a trusted well-known brand. As a result we have been able to successfully expand the Long Flat brand into a whole new category,” said Dean.

To further drive growth, Cheviot Bridge is increasing its support of the B-Pak category with a comprehensive advertising and public relations campaign, which will be supported by in-store displays bins, POS material and extensive sampling of Long Flat B-Paks at key lifestyle shows and expos nationally.

The Long Flat B-Pak retails for under $10.00 and is available at Dan Murphys, Woolworths, Safeway, BWS, First Choice and leading independent retailers nationally.

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