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Packaging specialists providing innovative and flexible solutions

Packaging specialists providing innovative and flexible solutions

Australian flexible packaging specialists, Favourite Packaging, innovate the next generation of packaging and put emphasis on clients, customers, and the market. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

Recently, Food & Beverage Industry News caught up with Justin Yates, managing director at Australia’s Favourite Packaging who has been supplying flexible and industrial packaging since the mid-1980’s.

Their specialities include flexible packaging for foods, perishables, coffee, powders, baked products, bread, liquids, pet foods and pallet wrap.

Their products include pouches, printed re-wind, bread bags, oven bags and the thinner, lighter Nano stretch pallet wrap.

Favourite Packaging can supply all of these in either traditional or new recyclable materials. But their products are just the beginning of their strong points.

The first thing that struck me while talking with Yates was his understanding that packaging not only must efficiently contain and preserve contents but must also project the brand and play a part in selling the content “off the shelf and into the trolley”.

To be an excellent flexible packaging solutions provider, Yates and Favourite Packaging must know and understand the demands of the end users and consumers. Among other initiatives, a few years ago Favourite Packaging joined the Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO).

“Through APCO and other research avenues, Favourite Packaging are at the forefront of appreciating what’s required to meet the 2025 national packaging targets, the significant influence consumers have on ethical packaging and what viable options in materials are available,” said Yates.

For example, Favourite Packaging has already researched and now provides recyclable options in their printed rewind, pouches, and stretch wrap.

Research and innovation are constantly being carried out in other forms of flexible packaging that will meet shelf-life requirements, the consumer’s demands, and conform to 2025 national packaging targets.

The second standout point about Favourite Packaging is their well refined supply chain management, including sources, scheduling, transport, inventory, and delivery.

Over the years Yates has established strong supply lines with some of the most innovative and reliable providers of raw materials and semi-finished products.

“Favourite Packaging are also on the constant search for the latest innovations that support our mantra to be at or ahead of the market’s requirements,” said Yates.

Favourite Packaging’s office, staff and logistics operations are based in Beresfield, an ideal location to service Australia.

Over many years, they have made logistics, warehousing, and delivery management a speciality and hence, each customer benefits by having access to innovative materials, competitive pricing, warehouse efficiencies and reliable delivery.

The third standout about Favourite Packaging is their dedication to customising flexible packaging solutions for their clients.

This includes knowing their market, cooperating to optimise the materials, printing, types of packaging and supply schedules and, staying close to customers so adjustments, changes and innovations can be crafted.

Apart from this unique cluster of strengths, Favourite Packaging provides great modern and innovative products.

Pouches have become more and more popular for a wide variety of foods, perishables, coffee, powders, liquids, bread, baked products, and pet foods.

Favourite Packaging cooperate with their clients and provide many types of pouches such as stand-up, side gusseted, quad seal, box, or flat bottom, flat or pillow. Closures include heat seal tear notch, press seal, slider zipper seal, one-way valves, rippa-zippa seal.

For the high volume, high frequency production runs, Favourite Packaging provide printed rewind. Benefits come from economies of scale, transport, store, and inventory costs.

They supply printed rewind film for cakes, muffins, sausage rolls, pies, chips, nuts, confectionary, dried fruit, pasta, and similar products that are individually wrapped or packaged in quantities. Their printed rewind film rolls are supplied in laminations of LDPE, HDPE, PET, BOPP & CPP for flow wrapped or Vertical Form Fill.

Specifically for bread and baked products, Favourite Packaging supply specialised pre-formed bread bags, including wicketed bread bags as well as micro perforated oven or micro-wave friendly packaging.

“For pies and sausage rolls, we supply special material with an airhole perforation so they can be cooked without having to come out of the packaging,” said Yates.

Yates said their pouches, bags and printed rewind have the option to come in recyclable material.

This material provides the right protection to preserve shelf life, meets the criteria for recyclable flexible packaging while contributing to improving your brand image. Consumers can discard the packaging through recycling processes, thus contributing to the circular economy.

By changing to recyclable flexible packaging, the carbon footprint of your package can potentially be reduced around 60 per cent.

To loop back to what Yates had mentioned earlier about their packaging ‘standing out on the shelf ’, Favourite Packaging pride them selves on co operating with clients to ensure printing and design is optimised to match the brand’s essence.

Most printing is done through the Gravure method, as this is optimised for large runs.

“But we also do digital printing, which allows us to supply short runs; ideal for trials, smaller orders or quick turnarounds,” he said.

Yates also mentioned Favourite Packaging also supply the next generation in pallet wrapping.

“Our Nano33 Stretch Wrap is much thinner yet stronger, more flexible and more durable and hence provides better load control and is more cost efficient and helps our clients attain ethical and social outcomes,” he said.

The Nano33 stretch wrap comes in 100 per cent recyclable material, and is also available in 30 per cent recycled material.

“If they are using 100 tonnes of plastic on pallets each year, then you can get an easy 30 per cent reduction on that material with this solution,” said Yates.

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