Packaging trends to watch in 2018: Mintel

Market intelligence agency Mintel has identified five trends it says will impact the global packaging industry next year.

Mintel’s Global Packaging Trends 2018 looks at the major trends set to influence the packaging sector worldwide, including implications for consumers, brands, and manufacturers.

In 2018, packaging is expected to play a pivotal role in reducing global waste, online brands to reinvigorate their packaging, brands to simplify package messaging, marine conservation to be a central concern, and packaging formats trying to take back centre stage for centre-of-store placement.

David Luttenberger, Global Packaging Director at Mintel, said the packaging trends for 2018 reflect forward-looking consumer attitudes, actions, and purchasing behaviours in both global and local markets.

“Such trends as those we see emerging in e-commerce packaging have stories that are just now being written. Others, such as the attack on plastics, are well into their third or even fourth chapters, but with no clear ending in sight.”

Brands are expected to use packaging innovations to extend food freshness and ensure safe delivery, while changing the consumer perception that much packaging is unnecessary.

As more consumers embrace online shopping, packaging will also play a pivotal role in brands’ and consumers’ e-commerce experiences.

As consumers become more informed, brands are expected to embrace minimalism to provide clarity in labelling.

Concerns over safe packaging disposal are expected to increasingly colour consumers’ perceptions of different packaging types, and impact shopper purchase decisions.

Brands will also look to contemporary formats to help reinvigorate the centre-of-store aisles less visited by younger consumers.

These packaging trends are essential to retailers, brands, and package converter strategies during the coming year and beyond, Luttenberger said.

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