Packing and palletising system installed

JMP has successfully installed its new generation Robotic Case Packing and Palletising system into Fonterra Australia’s manufacturing site.

JMP was selected to provide a palletising and packing system with ultimate flexibility in a confined space.

To achieve this, JMP supplied the company with JMP case erectors, and JMP robotic case packing and palletising systems built using Kawasaki robots, which meant Fonterra Australia was able to get all it needed from a single source.

A mix of product and carton conveying was required to deliver products from a critical hygiene area to the JMP robotic case packer where the 20kg Kawasaki robot picks the product and loads it into the erected case.

The robot then closes the flaps of the case before pushing the case into a new 3M tape sealer.

After the sealer, the case is conveyed to the palletising robot where it is palletised and discharged to the out-feed for collection by forklift.

The palletising cell stacks three products simultaneously, as well as gluing each layer and applying base and layer sheets.

All the equipment was manufactured in Auckland, and designed and supported to suit specific site specifications.

All automation and programming was done by JMP.

The robotic case packer can do more than 60 packs per minute.


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