Palm Oil Free Certification launched to protect orangutans

The world’s first International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme (POFCAP) has been launched.

Australia and the UK are the first two countries to adopt the Trademark following approval by their respective authorities – the Australian, Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), IP Australia & IPO UK. A further 14 nations have applications pending in a landmark move in response to consumer demand for transparency in labelling on the topical issue.

With the goal being to sit within the same realm as other respected certification trademarks such as Cruelty Free, Certified Organic, Vegan and Fair Trade, POFCAP’s team, aside from working with trademark offices across the globe, is currently liaising with a number of large and small companies that are seeking to certify products.

Jabrick – the orang-utan on the logo who was herself a victim of deforestation will one day look out at shoppers from supermarket shelves across the world.

The team behind POFCAP comprises a group of passionate women who have educated, campaigned, fundraised for and championed the numerous issues surrounding Palm Oil for many years.

The complicated and contentious concerns surrounding the use of Palm Oil, the impact the harvesting of the product has on the rainforests and wildlife – and in turn consumer demand for such accreditation was the driving force behind the motivation to research, develop and trademark the certification process that has evolved over the past eight years.

Use of Palm Oil is exceptionally widespread with the majority of food, cosmetics and, household cleaning products containing either palm oil or one of its many hundred derivatives.  The topic evokes robust discussion around both health and environmental issues with deforestation, loss of habitat and resultant wildlife deaths leading the agenda.

“Members of the POFCAP team have been involved with researching and educating people on Palm Oil production for a long time and have been increasingly inundated with people asking where or how they could buy Palm Oil free products.  With no fully certified Palm Oil free Accreditation Program or Trademark in existence globally we decided the only way forward was to create one” said spokesperson Bev Luff .


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