Pasteurisation energy saver

Sidel has developed a control system for pastuerisation, PRINCE (PRediction IN Control Equations), which is an innovative system based on prediction that improves the quality and shelf life of pasteurised products, especially beer, while cutting the pasteuriser’s consumption of water and steam.

How it works

During pasteurisation, an already bottled product travels through a pasteurisation tunnel where it is heated by a water spray at various temperatures in different thermally-controlled zones.

During the process, each product must accumulate a certain number of pasteurisation units (where one PU is defined as one minute of heating at 60°C).

PRINCE software provides extremely accurate control of pasteurisation units under any working conditions.

With PRINCE, the entire product undergoing pasteurisation accumulates at least the minimal number of PUs required and reaches and maintains for a pre-set time the range of temperatures required for pasteurisation without ever exceeding the maximum amount of PUs.

Regulation by prediction

Pasteurisation control with PRINCE is based on the concept of predicting the future situation.

Instead of lowering the temperature of the spray when the product in a given zone exceeds the set pasteurisation threshold, PRINCE lowers the temperature as soon as the prediction indicates that the product will accumulate sufficient PUs and will remain within the temperature limits.

Energy savings

A better use of heating and cooling processes in the pasteuriser’s controlled zones considerably reduces water and steam consumption.

PRINCE eliminates needless variations in spray temperature.

The product is never heated more than necessary and undergoes a single phase of heating and a single phase of cooling.

The PRINCE system was first installed at the Heineken Italy facility in Cagliari in February 2006.

Since then, over 50 systems have been installed on new machines or existing lines.

Sidel will showcase its innovative control system at the Brau trade show from November 14 to 16 in Germany.

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