Penford investigates natural alternative to fluorochemicals for packaging

A potentially toxic chemical used as a coating in food packages could soon be replaced by a natural and safer alternative currently being developed by Penford Products.

Studies have shown that the breakdown of fluorochemicals, which are currently used to provide oil and grease resistance in sandwich wraps, fry scoops and microwave popcorn bags, releases potentially harmful perfluorooctanoic acid into the food. Consumption of the acid by laboratory animals has been found to cause developmental effects.

According to Penford Products, prototype products created with its new novel technology exhibit performance characteristics that are equivalent to or exceed those of food packages made with fluorochemicals.

“We are truly excited with the development of these naturally-derived solutions to address the health and environmental concerns created by use of traditional fluorochemicals,” CEO of Penford Corporation Tom Malkoski said.

“This new product platform aligns with our strategy to create value for our customers by developing sustainable products to replace petroleum-derived materials.”

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