Pepsico introduces flextime for staff

In recent months, Australian organisations have evolved with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrating just how adaptive and resilient the Australian workforce is.
PepsiCo has always sought to be ‘people-centric’, implementing policies built around the needs of its people. Its latest policy, flextime, removes official start and finish times – allowing people to choose their work hours and balance personal responsibilities and lifestyle with work.
PepsiCo ANZ CEO Danny Celoni said this new policy allows people to build their work life around their personal needs and encourages everyone to embrace all of the flexible working options that are available to them.
“We completely recognise that a one size fits all work model does not suit everyone in our diverse organisation,” said Celoni. “Our commitment to fostering a culture of flexible working for all ensures we have the best people doing their best work every day.”
One employee who has already reaped the benefits of PepsiCo ANZ’s new flextime policy is CIO Brian Green. Being part of the IT department, Brian is often required to be online 24/7 to accommodate the broad range of time zones PepsiCo ANZ operates in meaning much of his workload begins after 5:00pm.
With the new flextime policy, Brian can stagger these hours to assist with later start and finish times, meaning his daily schedule now involves bug catching with his son around midday, and taking his daughter to soccer practice right after school.
“I am really fortunate to be working for a company that is able to acknowledge the needs of not just my role in IT but also my personal life,” Green said. “Time with your kids is something you are never able to get back so I’m enjoying my new weekday routine and taking full advantage of the flextime policy.”
PepsiCo ANZ’s leadership team believe that offering flexibility in the workplace is critical to attract and retain good talent. The flextime policy is just the latest in a string of well established diversity and inclusion initiatives designed to help people find a work-life balance that suits them.

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