Perishable goods in transit

Producers and processors are being asked to ship goods longer distances, retailers are putting more demands on producers to meet unique shipping and receiving standards, and there are greater requirements surrounding distances, multiple carriers and exporting conditions.

Shipment spoilage has become a very expensive exercise that can cost industry hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Data loggers are now vital to companies that require temperature monitoring of perishable goods.

3M has recognised this important trend and customer need, and has developed the TL20 Temperature Logger.

It is a small, cost effective, feature-rich electronic temperature monitor.

This device is ideal for customers that want to gain acceptance of monitoring devices and that require a temperature monitoring system for the shipment and storage of temperature sensitive and perishable goods.


Key things to consider when purchasing a temperature logger:

  • Software flexibility: Software needs to be easy to set-up and use.
  • HACCP: If the temperature logger will be used in direct contact with food, customers should check for HACCP approval.
  • Temperature range: Customers need to be aware of the data range needed and product requirements.
  • Data point storage capability.Security/password to access and protect the loaded data.
  • Graphing and reporting capabilities.
  • 3M offers full sales and technical support within Australia.

For further information, contact Chris Le Blanc.