Perrier by Warhol

Product name: Perrier by Warhol

Product manufacturer: Perrier

Ingredients: Sparkling mineral water

Shelf life: 36 months

Packaging: Green teardrop-shaped bottles, but the labels were created in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation – memorialising Warhol’s approach to making art from Perrier bottles in the 1980s.

Brand website:

What the company says
This September, Perrier, the number one sparkling mineral water worldwide, will launch its new limited edition anniversary collection – Perrier by Warhol. In an homage to the legendary artist and to celebrate Perrier’s 150th birthday, the iconic green teardrop-shaped bottles will be dressed in vibrantly coloured Andy Warhol themed labels, inspired by Warhol’s colour and style.

As a preeminent American artist of the 20th century and leader of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol challenged the world to see art differently. Driven to explore brand symbols and the way consumers interact with products, 1983 saw Warhol create a series of screen prints in his signature style, featuring the Perrier bottle in over 40 works.

Perrier’s anniversary collection is a tribute to Warhol’s inspired artworks, acting as a combination of two icons which are both unique and legendary in their own right. A joining of creativity, elegance and avant-gardism, Perrier by Warhol offers consumers a naturally sparkling mineral water par excellence in a beautifully designed, limited edition package.

Perrier is sourced from a naturally carbonated spring in Vergèze, Languedoc, in southern France, and has a unique mineral composition that distinguishes it from other sparkling waters; it’s dense and intense, the bubbles giving it a pronounced taste and freshness. The richness and intensity of the bubbles make it the perfect refreshment or mixology addition.

Perrier by Warhol bottles will be available in 750ml (RRP $2.99) and 4 x 330ml (RRP $6.99) bottles at selected IGA and independent retailers nationally. Available while stocks last. 


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