Personalised labels: first Coke, now water

A French water brand, Wattwiller, has launched a new label for its water bottles – and it's blank.

The blank label allows consumers to personalise their own bottle of water.

According to Springwise, the campaign will be launched later this month and motivations behind it include sharing customers' scribbles on social media, using them for brand promotion and reducing litter by making consumers more attached to their personalised bottle.

The campaign is reminiscent of Coca-Cola's hugely successful 'Share a Coke' initiative, which saw the beverage giant print more than 150 names on its bottles.

Soon after the campaign was launched in late 2011, Lauren Thompson, communications manager Coca-cola South Pacific, told Food magazine "The Share a Coke' campaign has been led by deepening relationships with consumers."

Consumers with more unusual names were able to print their own labels via kiosks in Westfields outlets, and these also proved hugely popular.

"126,000 consumers have had custom-named cans created for them at our Westfield kiosks – this is five times our original estimations,"  Thompson said.

CCA also experienced a 92 percent increase in the number of posts on its Facebook page throughout the campaign, which ran through to 2012.


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