Personalised nutrition emerging as next big trend

Personalised nutrition is rapidly emerging as a key issue for the long term future of the industry, new research has shown. The findings come from a survey by the organisers of the Vitafoods Europe event.

They asked Vitafoods Europe visitors what they saw as the three most important trends in the nutrition industry. For the short term (over the next 12 months) personalised nutrition was picked by one in five respondents (19 per cent). However, when they were asked to think about the long term (the next three years) over a third (35 per cent) identified it as an important trend.

The figures reflect the emergence of new possibilities such as individualised dietary guidelines, wearable technology, and personalised nutrition based on genetic testing. Accordingly, another hot topic for the future was nutrigenomics, which was seen as an important short-term trend for 8 per cent of respondents, but an important long-term trend for twice as many (17 per cent).

The survey also demonstrates the continuing importance of high quality and evidence-based claims in order to meet regulatory requirements and consumer demand. The issue most likely to be seen as important – both now and in the future – was scientifically supported health claims, which was identified as a key trend in the short term by 47 per cent of Vitafoods visitors, and in the long term by 50 er cent.

The health needs created by demographic trends such as population ageing and obesity continue to shape the agenda for much of the industry. Respondents were asked which three health benefit areas were most important to their companies. Healthy ageing, picked by one in four (23 per cent) ranked top, followed by bone and joint health (22 per cent), cardiovascular health (21 per cent), general wellbeing (21 per cent), and weight management (20 per cent).



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