Piggery fined for feeding animal remains to stock

A piggery just South of Wollongong on the NSW South Coast has been fined after stock was found to have consumed animal remains.

The Illawarra Mercury has reported that several animal bones were found at the farm during an inspection by the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The findings represent a serious breach of feeding regulations and the owner was fined $550 over the incident.

Dr Andrew Sanger, director for biosecurity at the DPI said that swill feeding, or feeding meat to pigs was illegal and risked the spreading of serious animal diseases.

"Swill feeding has the potential to cause exotic disease outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease," he said.

"Diseases associated with swill feeding animals have the potential to cause massive disaster for our livestock industries through loss of export markets, lost production and large-scale animal health and welfare issues."

The animals were initially detained to ensure that they posed no risk of disease and have since been released.

Details of the piggery have not been revealed by the DPI due to confidentiality reasons, however the operation is believed to be relatively small with around 12 animals.


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