Pizza at your door literally at the push of a button

Did you think it was pretty cool when pizza chains allowed you to jump online to order pizza, and save you the trouble of having to pick up your phone or, heaven forbid, go into a pizza shop? Well hold onto your couch cushion, because things just got lazier.

Desperately need pizza after a big night out, but can’t quite remember how to work a computer, or hold a conversation? Well, stumble on over to your fridge and push the emergency pizza button, and collapse onto the couch and await the arrival of the delivery guy. Maybe drink some water while you wait, rehydration and all that.

Maybe you’re just feeling particularly lazy and the only strength you can muster is pushing a button?

This is pizza delivered to your door, literally at the push of a button. The future is here, but unfortunately, for now, only Dubai has gotten there.

Check out the inspiring advertisement below, you’re beliefs about pizza will never be the same again.


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