Plan for single Aussie label for all food exports to China

All Australian food products are set to be branded with a single country of origin label in accordance with a plan being pushed by mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest.

As the SMH reports, the new branding would be designed for easy maximized identification by Chinese consumers and would be more prominent than any company or state logos.

Like the “100% Pure New Zealand” branding associated with New Zealand products, the Australian country of origin labelling would be intended to capitalize on our clean, green, safe image as well as the seemingly impossible growth of China’s middle class (which is expected to grow by 350 million people over the next four years).

According to the SMH, Forrest (pictured) who is a founder of the Australia Sino One Hundred Year Agricultural and Food Safety Partnership, will today address the National Farmers Federation Annual Congress and stress the significant benefits of the branding plan.

“Both parties know, and now acknowledge, that an opt-in unified brand – one that sells safe, clean, green Australia and one that is underpinned by the world’s best traceability technology – is indeed worth the risk,” he will say.

“We have got to cut through the confusion … states are fighting territories and other states on branding, governments compete with companies on messaging, and there are a multitude of different logos, and that might work in our local supermarkets, but it doesn’t work overseas.

“The clear value proposition of safe Australia, a clean, green Australia was, and is, being completely lost overseas.”

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