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Plant-based protein industry estimated to reach new heights by 2032

The plant-based protein market was valued in North America at USD 9.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 17.1 billion by 2032 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3 per cent, according to DataHorizzon Research. 

The plant-based protein market is growing as more consumers prefer plant-based foods for their safety and health benefits. 

Vegetarianism and concerns about animal welfare are driving the market alongside the increasing awareness of the health benefits of plant-based diets.

A protein-deficient diet can weaken immunity, stunted growth, and heart and respiratory failure. 

Therefore, to reduce saturated fat intake, lower cholesterol levels, and improve overall health, consumers are increasingly seeking alternative sources of protein.

Plant-based proteins substitute for animal sources, providing similar taste and texture. 

Soy, broccoli, quinoa, lentils, jackfruit, and other plant-based ingredients can create animal-free meat and eggs. 

Soy proteins are the leading option in the plant-based protein market, offering high nutritional value and containing all the essential amino acids. 

They are popular among vegan consumers and provide several health benefits, such as improved metabolism and bone mineral density. 

Some prominent players in the plant-based protein market report include Glanbia plc, Cargill Incorporation, AGT Food & Ingredients Inc., Cosucra Groupe Warcoing, Ingredion Inc., and more.


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