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+Plant Chicken Nuggets make positive health and environmental change


+Plant, Australian based meat alternative brand, has released the next generation of chicken nuggets made with 50 per cent chicken and 50 per cent plant protein. 

Part of the Positively Good Co., +Plant aims to help Australians make a positive change for their health and the environment, sitting at the intersection of responsible eating and the desire to eat meat. 

Parents can now rejoice in the thought that these new chicken nuggets are gluten-free, e-free and carry a four-star health rating. Not only are these nuggets better nutritionally, but they’re also better for the planet with 50 per cent plant protein. 

Marketed towards the ultimate food critics – fussy eaters – the brand’s Chicken Nuggets are as crunchy and delicious as traditional chicken nuggets, but with the added goodness of plants. +Plant founder Todd Robertson saw a gap in the market for this product in his own home. 

“My son was a great inspiration for the chicken nuggets because he is a fussy eater and loves his nuggets, but nutrition has always been a concern at mealtimes,” Robertson said. 

“We don’t have to worry anymore because he enjoys the taste of the +Plant nuggets and I know he is still getting all of the nutrition he needs.” 

+Plant is part of the Positively Good Co. that aims to make small changes for big impacts, to help people make positive change for the better of their health and the health of the planet. It is the gap and the gateway, leading people to try meat products with added goodness. The company meets them halfway, with a product re-imagined from the ground up to deliver them the goodness they deserve. 

For more information on the +Plant brand and its new chicken nuggets, visit the website. 


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