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Plantation Rum releases recyclable, limited edition rum bundles

Released this month, Plantation Rum has announced a new limited-edition rum bundle which includes its best seller ‘Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum’.

The bundle includes the aforementioned rum in a new packaging that is recyclable and also contains complementary metal straws and a pip cleaner, encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour.

Stephanie Simbo, Plantation Rums global brand manager said “Sustainability has long been at the heart of Plantation Rum’s values. We constantly strive towards safeguarding the future of our planet by implementing actions reducing the environmental impact of rum production.”

According to Simbo, this new bundle places emphasis on sustainability while encouraging more mindful home drinking habits.

The company also highlights the use of real fruit flavours with real pineapple being used throughout the process.

Plantations Rums distillery in West Indies has also made a switch to solar energy, in line with the company’s goal to become self-sufficient. The company also utilises full proof rum barrels to be bottled in Europe, instead of transporting glass, in an aim to reduce their carbon footprint.

“We are aimed at creating a larger positive impact not only in the rum industry but on the environment as a whole,” said Simbo.

Available now from Dan Murphy’s and BWS while stocks last.

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