Plastic-free produce packaging hits Australian retailers

Conscious consumers can “Say No to plastic packaging” once and for all with the introduction of LUV Produce!

The new brand, which evolved from the long-established and highly-respected Just Onions brand, offers a selection of quality Australian Brown Onions, Red Onions, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Potatoes, and Avocados, and marks one of the first brands to offer Australian supermarkets produce in recyclable packaging.

“With more than 30 years of food packing knowledge and experience, we saw an opportunity to bring top quality, locally-made produce to supermarkets in packaging that supports our mission to reduce plastics,” said Paul Williamson, chairman & CEO of LUV Produce (formerly Just Onions).

“Our team invested considerable time and resources into designing and developing these fully recyclable cartons to ensure that the produce inside is kept as fresh as possible.

“We’re thrilled to finally give consumers an eco-friendly option, and hope to inspire a new wave of more innovative, low impact packaging options across the industry.”

LUV Produce cartons are fully recyclable, with an added bonus of sourcing the cardboard from sustainable forests. The brand’s innovative boxes are ventilated meaning there’s no moisture build-up – keeping LUV Produce fresher for longer.

Consumers can also say goodbye to fruits and vegetables rolling around on the floor thanks to strategically placed perforations in the cartons that allow the boxes to act as stackable, storage containers.

“By making this move to innovative packaging, our business will reduce its plastic waste by two million kilograms per year,” said Williamson.  “If a small business in Geelong can make this kind of difference, imagine the kind of impact we could see if all retail brands got on board with more sustainable packaging.”

LUV Produce has a strict policy of using exclusively Australian grown produce, which is sourced from some of the country’s most respected fruit and vegetable growers.  Each LUV Produce carton has an individual code that allows the brand to trace the actual farm and batch from which the product has been sourced.

“We work very closely with all of our growers, some relationships lasting over two decades,” said Cory Kent, Managing Partner of LUV Produce. “In fact, with many of our growers, we are now working with the next generation. The sons and daughters of the farmers we originally started working with.”

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