Police expected to end Coles warehouse strike


It is expected that Victorian police will be called in to end the blockade outside the Coles Sommerton warehouse.

Workers have been striking for over a week and preventing trucks from coming in or out, in their fight for better pay and conditions.

The Supreme Court yesterday banned the National Union of Workers from organising the protest, leading local nurses to join the picket to boost the numbers.

The Toll Group, which manages the warehouse for Coles, is adamant the blockade is illegal, and is holding discussions with police to stop it.

But striking workers are not backing down, and in a show of defiance, brought in extra firewood yesterday to keep warm at night.

Last Friday, the 600 striking workers won the right from Fair Work Australia to continue picketing, but management of the warehouse then applied for an emergency injunction to end the strike on Saturday.

What do you think of the protest? Should they be stopped by police, or are they entitled to fight?

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