Pouch-cooling success

A company with a pasta cooling challenge has used Lyco Manufacturing’s equipment to solve their problem.

21st Century Foods in the US produces fully cooked, microwaveable main courses, catering to the time-poor families of today.

The company’s meals consist of pasta or rice in a pouch, and a pouch containing the sauce. The consumer then microwaves both and mixes them together.

Once the meals have been cooked, both the pasta or rice and the sauces must be cooled. However, the pouches containing the meat sauces are relatively small and delicate, and require gentle handling when being cooled from 170 degrees to around 20.

21st Century Foods used Lyco’s pouch cooler as it gently agitates the pouches and mixes the sauce within them, eliminating hot spots, while also keeping the pouches of sauce intact.

For the accompanying pasta, the company chose the supplier’s cooker-cooler, which can both cook and cool in one machine.

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