Powerade goes sugar free

Coca-Cola Australia has launched Powerade No Sugar, Australia’s first scientifically formulated sports drink without sugar.

Powerade is the market leader in the sports drink category and is continuing to drive innovation with the launch of Australia’s first sugar free sports drink.

Powerade No Sugar has removed one of the key barriers to consumption, sugar, and has been scientifically formulated to replace both the fluid and the electrolytes lost when exercising.

Powerade No Sugar helps to maintain hydration levels without replacing the energy that’s been burned.

In conjunction with a national advertising campaign, more than 250,000 Powerade No Sugar samples will be distributed at gyms such as Fitness First, national sporting events such as the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge and Melbourne Marathon and outdoor training locations.

Powerade No Sugar is available in three flavours, Tropical, Lemon and Citrus.

Following the launch of the Powerade Performance System in early 2008 Powerade currently holds a 51% share of the sports drink category.

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