Powerade Isotonic and Powerade Zero

Product name: POWERADE ISOTONIC Powder Sachets and POWERADE ZERO multipacks

Product manufacturer: POWERADE

Packaging: Powder, Sachet and Multipacks

Product manager: Alex Pettigrew, POWERADE marketing manager

Brand website: https://powerade.com.au/home.html

What the company says
Recognising that value is imperative to consumers, the POWERADE brand has launched two new product formats to offer active Aussies more variety and convenience in in the sports category.

The new products hitting shelves this month are POWERADE Isotonic powder sachet multi-packs, and POWERADE ZERO 3x 600mL multi-packs.

POWERADE Isotonic powder sachets are convenient and light weight for on-the-go occasions Each sachet is designed to make the equivalent of a 600mL serve. Available in a 5 x 37g powder sachet multipack, the MOUNTAIN BLAST flavour and Berry Ice flavour both have an RRP of $4.99.

POWERADE ZERO multi-packs will be available in a 3 x 600mL format in Berry Blast flavour with an RRP of around $6.99 in grocery.

"Having launched on our shores last year, POWERADE ZERO is the only zero sugar sports drink currently available in the Australian market," said Alex Pettigrew, POWERADE marketing manager.

"The multi-pack is a zero sugar, low calorie sports hydration offering which delivers consumers excellent value-for-money in a three-pack format."

POWERADE ZERO is an electrolyte enhanced sports drink with zero sugar that is scientifically formulated to hydrate you fast when you need it most.

POWERADE ZERO is perfect for lighter sporting activities when you do not need the energy provided by the carbohydrates in POWERADE ISOTONIC and is an excellent option for sugar conscious consumers looking for additional hydration around workouts. POWERADE ZERO is also suitable for diabetics.


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