Powering industries with intelligent e-pump solutions

Pumps account for 25 per cent of all electricity consumed by industrial electric motors.

That’s a hard energy fact – but how can we change that fact and write a new story? It all starts by reducing energy use – and that’s where e-pumps come in.

Grundfos offers a complete range of intelligent and high-quality e-pump solutions and systems that offer immediate energy cost savings, bring high performance and energy efficiency and help reduce emissions. Our e-pumps are equipped with a frequency converter that helps ensure the pump only runs when needed – and helps optimise complete systems in real-time.

E-pumps have the power to reduce energy consumption and costs and create more reliable plant operations while decarbonising industries around the world and enabling them to meet emission reduction targets.

And the solutions that can change our world and help achieve a green energy transition are available already. Now it’s time to start upgrading and implementing – it’s time to change the story.

  • Pumps account for 25 per cent of all electricity consumed by industrial electric motor. 
  • Intelligent pumps and systems can reduce energy consumption by up to 37 per cent.
  • Grundfos is your net zero 2050 partner for decarbonisation.

Where can Grundfos help you?

We offer solutions for a wide range of customers and industrial segments. Whether you are a small business owner or a large industrial corporation, we can help you with sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Explore our expertise within your industry and discover how we can help you achieve your sustainable objectives while also enhancing your operations.

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