Premium avocado set for October debut

West Australian avocado growers Delroy Orchards are launching a new premium Hass avocado this October.

Dubbed the ‘Delcado’ – a signature smash-up of Delroy and avocado – the premium grade Hass is grown at the Delroy Orchards in Pemberton, one hour east of Western Australia’s Margaret River.

Driven by consumer demand for improved avocado quality, the Delroy family have spent eight years finetuning each part of their avocados’ journey through growing, quality checks, storage, ripening and supply chain so they can consistently give Australians a better avocado – a Delcado.

“We’ve put a lot of energy into controlling the quality of our Delcados. This starts on the tree where we test the fruit for its oil content to make sure it has a rich flavour before it’s picked,” said Robbie Delroy, Delroy Orchards’ business development manager and son of orchard founders Russell and Jenny Delroy.

“We’re also now using near infrared technology, in addition to our blemish technology, to see inside the avocado to better detect any internal damage. The technology is already used by apple growers looking for bruises in their fruit, while it is early days for avocados, we’re excited about what it could mean for quality control and the avocado category in general.”



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