Premium power supplies for food makers

NHP has released a premium range of basic power supplies that offer a cost-effective solution without compromising reliability, efficiency and application flexibility – the 1606 XLB Series from Allen-Bradley.

Ideal for use in manufacturing applications such as food and beverage, packaging, materials handling, and water and wastewater the compact 1606 XLB Series from NHP offers the highest levels of reliability to reduce downtime and optimise savings.

Rated up to 1.37 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF) and with a minimum service life-time of 47,000 hours, the efficiency figures of these power supplies range from 90.7% up to 95.2%.

Offering increased choice when it comes to finding a solution that meets your application requirements, these convection cooled units can operate from -10 C° (some units -25 °C) up to 70 °C ensuring performance in the most demanding applications.

Available in 5A (120 Watts) with an input range of 85-132V AC / 170-264V AC and 10A (240 Watts) with an input range of 170-264V AC, the outputs ranges on both models are 24-28V DC.

The XLB Series are equipped with a DC-OK signal which allows the ability to monitor the output voltage, the unit also clicks smoothly onto any standard DIN rail and features large-sized terminals which makes wiring easier.

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