Are you prepared for 2025 packaging targets?

Hosted by Sealed Air, SEE.SOLVE.SUSTAIN is a series of virtual events designed to educate the food industry about sustainable packaging and business activities that can help customers achieve their KPIs for sustainability and growth.   

The next SEE.SOLVE.SUSTAIN webinar scheduled for October 7 is titled “10 ways to design for packaging circularity and appeal to fresh protein shoppers” and provides examples of how businesses can leverage the 10 principles of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines to help them achieve their business goals for packaging sustainability and circularity.  

Anna Di Bello, Sealed Air’s fresh red meat marketing director for the Australia and New Zealand region, said the benefits of reaching the packaging targets were numerous.  

“The virtual event is an opportunity for food producers to assess their own packaging portfolio and understand how they can use the principles to help them reach their packaging targets,” said DiBello. 

Di Bello highlighted Sealed Air’s ever evolving range of innovative CRYOVAC brand packaging solutions as a key example of Sealed Air’s capacity for innovative solutions.  

Di Bello will speak about the many considerations of packaging design and how critical it is to meet the expectations and demands of stakeholders.  

A range of sustainable packaging targets have been set, some for 2025 and others as far out as 2030, and Di Bello knows the food manufacturers who respond early will be in the best position possible to succeed.  

Sealed Air will continue to educate the food industry about the benefits and pathways towards a recyclable and circular economy, helping drive efforts towards 2025. 

You can find more information and apply for the webinar here.  

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