Price war looms in supermarket sector as Coles drops prices

Coles has lowered the price of more than 300 products, introduced new big value packs and more own brand products as it starts upping the ante against main competitor Woolworths.

Customers will save on products they need to feed their family every day like RSPCA approved whole chickens down to $3.90 per kilo (down from $4.50 per kilo), RSPCA approved chicken thighs reduced to $11 per kilo (down from $12 per kilo), crumpets down to  $1 per 6 pack (from $1.35) and lunch wraps down to $2 per 6 pack (from $2.30).

Coles chief marketing officer, Lisa Ronson, said this new campaign is to help lower the cost of living for Australians.

“We’ve been reviewing the products our customers are buying every day and determining where we can really make a difference to their cost of living,” she said.

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“Chicken is the number one dinner protein, so we’ve made a big investment in lowering the price and giving customers a whole RSPCA Approved chicken to feed their family for less than $4 per kilo. We know customers need bakery staples like rolls, wraps, croissants and muffins day in day out for breakfast and lunch so we’ve lowered the price on these items knowing it can make a big difference to their family budget.”

Coles is also introducing value packs and other pricing structures, such as :

  • big pack value products like tea, coffee, tomato sauce, olive oil and rice;
  • mix, match ‘n save with seasonally relevant bundle deals such as dips, yoghurts, snacks, bakery, prepacked vegetables and baby food where customers want variety; and
  • hundreds of new Own Brand products to help customers find value and try the latest flavours, meal solutions and food innovation.
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