Prices down down, and the tab’s on Coles

Coles said it is funding the down down and deeper down down price cuts that it has announced across its freezer aisles.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said “Coles is investing millions of dollars in lowering prices and the price cuts across the freezer are being funded by Coles.”

Coles has expanded it’s down down and deeper down down discounted range across its freezer aisles, to include an additional 100 products.

Coles has added 35 new products on the down down list, and 66 products to the deeper down down products.

Some of these include:

  • Coles Brand Frozen Corn Cobs 1kg (Aussie Grown)
  • I&J Crispy Frozen Fish Fillets 425gm
  • Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream 2L, multiple varieties
  • Bulla Frozen Yoghurt 1.8L, Mango & Wildberry varieties
  • Coles Brand Frozen chips 1kg (Aussie Grown)
  • Coles Brand Frozen Fruit 300-500g, multiple varieties

The Deeper Down Down campaign began in February, with the discounting of brands such as Nescafe Blend 43, Lipton Black Tea Bags and Sanitarium Weetbix.

Last year, the Australian Food and Grocery Council criticised Coles’ and Woolworths’ discounting, claiming Coles favours its own private label products in its Down Down range. Coles retaliated, arguing that branded products make up 75 percent of all products in-store.



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