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Pringles launches new Veggie Creations range


Pringles has delivered a new product, Veggie Creations, available at Coles supermarkets from this month onwards in three new flavours. 

Pringles Veggie Creations is “a multi-sensory snacking adventure,” engaging all the senses in “irresistible flavour combinations that take chips to the next level.” 

The new Veggie Creations product is available in three different flavours including Potato, Orange Sweet Potato, Paprika and Garlic; Potato, Tomato with Mozzarella and Herbs; and Potato, Purple Sweet Potato and Sea Salt. 

Each of these variations in the Pringles range also has its own distinctive colour. Potato, Orange Sweet Potato, Paprika and Garlic is orange, Potato, Tomato with Mozzarella and Herbs is coloured red and Potato, Purple Sweet Potato and Sea Salt has a purple hue. 

Pringles’ new Veggie Creations range is available now at Coles supermarkets, with the range to also become available for purchase nationwide within all other supermarkets in August. 

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