Process control software

Any interference, inaccuracy or lost data during production can cost a company substantial amounts and can also damage its credibility and reputation.

As such, the role and capabilities of control systems have become critical and the manufacturing industry requires that stringent control systems be put in place to minimise any faults occurred by flaws in the production monitoring process.

Control centre

Imaje coding technology has responded to this industry demand with the release of the Imaje Control Centre.

The Control Centre software enables manufacturers to drive several printers from a central PC, reducing human intervention and thus minimising the incidence of human error and misplaced information.

The Control Centre can also acquire data from external devices such as weight scales and scanners to provide more in-depth information on products as they progress through the production line and distribution networks.

This can provide manufacturers with significant benefits as any discrepancies can be accounted for instantly, and useful data such as weight and product measurement can be supplied to clients at their request.

Other features of the software include automating message creation, editing and transfer to the printer.

Instant messaging provides real-time notification of any issues that may arise and the documentation for future follow-ups.

Integration and reporting

Not only does the Imaje Control Centre minimise interference and increase accuracy and efficiency, but the software is also capable of compiling printing activity data including number of batches, products, types and equipment status reports, adding another dimension of control to typically busy and high turnover environments.

Imaje’s Control Centre guarantees secure, centralised computer network management, with real-time production monitoring to maximise uptime for manufacturers.

This level of control is backed by the additional features of customised production reports including graphs and tables for quick reference, and optimised management of logos and messages, including message uploading and downloading between the printers and PC.


Tne definitive feature of the Control Centre is that it utilises a highly visual, user-friendly interface that runs on standard Windows with help menus, enabling users to take full advantage of its functions.

Control systems are a vital component in any manufacturer’s plethora of administrative and monitoring tools, and as such should be considered as a key investment not just for the present, but for the future.

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