2D image analysis software

Image-Pro Premier by Media Cybernetics is a 2D Image Analysis software package that offers intuitive tools that make it easy to capture, process, count, measure, analyse and share images and valuable data. The new Image-Pro Premier v9.2 offers 64-bit support, a user-friendly interface and a suite of 2D measurement solutions.

The software’s technique for performing Automatic Measurements is the foremost solution for gathering data from images by segmentation systems. Image-Pro Premier v9.2 is packed with new and improved tools that give you more power to process and analyse images:

  • Create, download and share custom apps
  • Capture single images and movies
  • Process and Enhance
  • Measure distances and areas, track objects and measure intensity
  • Automatically count and classify objects
  • Automate your tasks
  • Share your work

The software is used worldwide by thousands of researchers and imaging professionals in a wide range of applications including life science research, pathology, fluorescence imaging, ring analysis and aging, cell biology, industrial inspection, quality control, particle analysis, forensics, etc.

Scitech’s multi-disciplined imaging and applications team offers in depth knowledge, advice, training, technical support and commitment for all imaging requirements.

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