Air/water cleaning gun

Tecpro Australia’s Air/Water Cleaning Gun is designed to solve the dilemma of trying to clean effectively when water pressure is low or clean water supplies are limited.

The cleaning system allows users to run two supply hoses into it – one for air and one for water. The air propels the water inside the gun so when you pull the trigger a more powerful jet of water is released.

This has the effect of increasing the impact force of the water stream so cleaning teams can work more efficiently. At the same time, it decreases the amount of water required.

According to the company, tests have found the Air/Water Cleaning Gun uses 50 per cent less water than a water only hose gun when used in the same cleaning applications.

The cleaning system also has the power to save money as air is cheaper than water in most locations. Plus, lower water usage contributes to greater worker safety with reduced water pooling and floors drying faster resulting in fewer potential slip hazards.

The Air/Water Cleaning Gun is made from heavy duty aluminium with a heat and chemical resistant EPDM cover. it is suitable for hot water usage up to 50°C, and the air and water inlets both handle a maximum inlet pressure of 5 Bar (or 72psi).

The system is perfect for heavy duty cleaning applications when both air and water supplies are available. It is a popular choice for food manufacturers, abattoirs and for cleaning greasy engines and equipment.


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