Anti-slip surface protection film

You know the impact liquid drips, spills, heavy traffic, rolling chairs and other finish-eroding events can have on your floors and surfaces, not to mention the slip hazards associated. With the 3M Anti-Slip Surface Protection Film, you can now prevent that damage & keep your floors safe even in heavy traffic areas.

The Anti-Slip & Surface Protection Film is a thin, almost invisible film that protects surfaces from everyday wear and tear. It has been certified to a P4 slip rating. The product comes in a 1.2m x 15m mini roll and an 80mm x 15m roll which is ideal for stair cases.

Reducing the number of stripping and recoating events required, the film needs no special tools or techniques for installation or removal. The film is ideal for waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble, ceramic tile, terrazzo and more. In addition, it is compatible with standard floor cleaning procedures and cleaning chemicals.

“The 3M Anti-Slip & Surface Protection Film will assist you with meeting a P4 slip rating classification for your problematic floors. In addition to meeting the slip resistance the unique peelable feature of this product avoids the need to use mechanical methods or harsh chemicals to remove and replace coating as needed to maintain slip resistance unlike competitive products out in the market,” said Ranmalee De Silver, 3M Product Engineer.

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